Allie Styles Romance

Welcome to Allie Styles Romance, a series of four inter-connected books about a pair of sexy star-crossed lovers. Click on a book to get started.

Temptation: A Steamy Star-Crossed Romance

Allie Styles thinks she’s finally met the perfect man in Matt Goldberg – he’s smart, funny, and sexy as hell – too bad she’s dating his roommate. She knows she should stay away, but the chemistry between them is electric… and completely irresistible.

Enjoy a great story, a swoon-worthy romance, and scorching-hot bedroom scenes? Dive into this first-in-series and fall head over heels with these star-crossed lovers.

Deception: A Steamy Star-Crossed Romance

After Matt leaves for an extended work trip in Amsterdam, Allie decides to follow her heart and surprise him by showing up on his doorstep. Much to her surprise, she’s greeted by another woman. Has she come all this way for nothing?

Join Allie and Matt in a wild adventure through the streets of Amsterdam and Paris, two cities wholly devoted to sex and romance. 

Reckonings: A Steamy Star-Crossed Romance

Just when it seems everything is going smoothly for lovers Allie and Matt, Allie’s ex-boyfriend, Josh, reappears, and he’s looking for a second chance.

Uncomfortable with the way things ended between them, Matt encourages Allie to explore her feelings while he leaves for another extended work trip.

Will Allie return to the man who originally captured her heart, or take a chance on a new life with Matt?

Beginnings: A Happily Ever After Romance

This final installment in the Allie Styles Romance series sees Allie and Matt finally settling into their happy-ever-after. Join your favourite lovebirds as Matt sweeps Allie off her feet with a surprise proposal and an intimate destination wedding in Mexico filled with adventure and romance. Not to mention a hot-as-hell honeymoon…

Back in Montreal, the newlyweds settle into their new digs and meet their neighbours, each of whom have sexy stories that make up the next series, Courtyard Tales of Contemporary Romance.

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