Courtyard Tales of Contemporary Romance

Welcome to the Courtyard Tales of Contemporary Romance, a series of stand-alone books that all take place within the Allie Styles universe. Click on a book to get started.

Reawakening: A Second-Chance Romance

Louisa Taylor is forty years old, divorced, and alone. After a horrible marriage, she’d long ago given up on love. But then her old friend, Ian Mackenzie, returns to town after fifteen years abroad.

When the two of them are unexpectedly thrown into lockdown together during a global pandemic, Ian and Louisa get a second chance to renew their friendship…and possibly turn it into something more.

Redemption: A Rock-and-Roll Romance

Casey Doyle is young, free-spirited, and completely lost in life. She’s currently on a year-long house-sitting gig, right next door to the dark and brooding Zach Abrams, a record producer on a private road to redemption.

When a global pandemic forces everyone into lockdown, Casey convinces Zach to let her move in. The chemistry between them is electric, but Zach refuses to make a move, still atoning for past sins. But his best intentions can’t stop either of them from falling in love.

Reckless: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Hailey Jacobs is a powerhouse. Fierce, intelligent, and driven, she founded her own company in her late twenties and has been a roaring success ever since. She works hard and parties hard – the one thing she doesn’t have time for is love. 

And then Sam walked in. Literally. A fireman on duty, Sam stormed into Hailey’s house one night and turned her life upside down.  The more they get to know each other, the more intense their dislike grows. Unfortunately, that’s nothing compared to the chemistry brewing between them.

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