Mountain Valley Romance

Welcome to Mountain Valley, fictional small town in the Quebec Laurentians and home to a series of steamy stand-alone tales of romance.

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Acting out of Love: A Steamy Contemporary Romance

Katie Simon has one goal: to make a success of her small-town bakery. Then Mason Scott, Hollywood’s hottest leading man, comes to town on a location shoot. After one passionate night between them, everything changes.

Ready for an erotic adventure?

Acting out of Love is the first installment in the Mountain Valley Romance series.

No Reservations Required: A Steamy Small-Town Romance

Tess Goldberg doesn’t like being tied down, opting instead for a life of endless parties and a steady stream of guys. But when she meets Adam Black, a widower who just moved to town, her entire world is thrown off-balance.

Tess just wants to have fun, but Adam’s not into playing games. Can they find a middle ground?

A Dash of Romance: A Steamy Contemporary Fauxmance

Maggie Grant made a big mistake telling her parents she met the perfect man when he doesn’t exist. 

Enter Chef Liam Grayson, a man who just happens to owe Maggie’s brother a large debt. Suddenly, Mountain Valley’s resident bad boy finds himself in a committed fake relationship.

Neither Maggie nor Liam are thrilled with the arrangement…until they actually meet. Get ready for a hot romance you won’t soon forget.

Coming Around Again: A Second-Chance Romance

High school sweethearts, Lainey and Logan split up when Lainey left Mountain Valley after graduation to pursue a life beyond their small town. 

Seventeen years later, she’s back, and long-buried emotions are rising to the surface. It doesn’t help that every time they get together, the heat level is off the charts.

Has too much changed for Lainey and Logan to find their way back to each other?

Last Call: A Friends-to-Lovers Romance

Raised in foster homes, Bree Rollings put herself through college, earned a psych degree, and opted for a career as a bartender. Smart, feisty, and highly social, she knows exactly what she wants in life, and it’s not Dave.

Dave Winter is a free spirit marching to the beat of his own drum. Owner of Mountain Valley’s record store, he’s the opposite of Bree’s type, but that doesn’t stop him from falling hard. And even Bree can’t deny the unsettling chemistry brewing between them…

Opposites might attract, but is that enough to keep them together?

Roadside Attraction: A Road Trip Romance

Desi Wilson is determined to get out of her mother’s house. When her boss, Logan, offers her the chance to drive cross-country with a moving van filled with furniture for a few extra bucks, she jumps at the chance…but has second thoughts when she finds out Nick Felton will be along for the ride.

Stuck together on the road, the two are at each other’s throats, but before long, frustration turns to attraction and they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Can these new lovers find a common path?

At Close Range: A Steamy Contemporary Fauxmance

Annabelle Jackson is America’s Sweetheart living the Hollywood dream, but she’s got a secret hidden away.

Drew Randall is a competitive shooter and horse breeder living a solitary life in Mountain Valley. When Drew is asked to step in as gun wrangler on Annabelle’s latest film, he agrees. When she asks him to pose as her boyfriend, he’s shocked.

As the chemistry between them builds, will either of them have the courage to pull the trigger.

Love Under Construction: A Forced Proximity Romance

Jen’s love life is in shambles when she calls in handyman Ryan Sacks to pack up her ex-boyfriend’s belongings, so she’s unsure if it’s chemistry or revenge when she spends the afternoon making out with him instead. An irrelevant distinction, she decides, as she’ll never see him again. Until they end up roommates when a bizarre set of circumstances land them both in the same rental cottage and they’re forced to play house.

When easy cameraderie evolves into passion, will one of them make a move before it’s too late?

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